Video Tributes to D. H. Melhem – “Poet Laureate of the Upper West Side”


Short Slideshow
A Brief Look at the Life and Work of D. H. Melhem,
New York Poet, Author, Critic and Social Activist

D. H. Melhem Tribute — Complete Slideshow
Premiered June 7, 2014 at Memorial Poetry Reading
Poets House, New York City


D. H. Melhem Memorial Poetry Reading and Remembrance
Poets, Publishers, Family and Friends Remember D. H.,
Writer, Poet, Writer, Author and Critic
Poets House, New York City, June 7, 2014


13 thoughts on “Video Tributes to D. H. Melhem – “Poet Laureate of the Upper West Side”

  1. Donna

    It is so wonderful to see DH’s work memorialized so well on this site. I love that you can hear her reading her poems.

  2. robert

    Children are a reflection of their parents’ values. All I can say is, job very well done!

  3. Mya Kramer

    If energy doesn’t cease but only changes form, you have done well. Wonderful to see the relentless force and neverending source of love that was DH. Bravo.

  4. Muncie and Sy Reitknecht

    Just loved seeing our dear friend again.
    This tribute you made was wonderful!!!
    I learned so much more about DH than I knew,
    and Sy and I are very proud to have known and loved
    DH and her wonderful family.

  5. George Meyer

    Happy 91st Birthday, D.H.! I’m sorry you can’t be with us in person but you will be in our thoughts forever.

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