Summer 2011

Dear Friends:  Reluctantly, I’ll have to skip the forthcoming 34th Annual International Women’s Writing Guild (IWWG) Summer Writing Conference “For Self Discovery and Inspiration” (June 24-July 1, 2011) at historic Yale University—an exciting new venue for the Guild.  “You can join us for a day, a few days, or spend the week immersing yourself in writing with a supportive community of women who write.”  Don’t miss this unique opportunity.  June 24 is almost here!

Reviews and comments regarding Art and Politics / Politics and Art (Syracuse University Press, 2010), continue to surface.  Here’s one from Midwest Book Review, on

5.0 out of 5 stars, August 9, 2010.  Highly recommended.

Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)  

The world of art and politics have a unique history with one another. “Art and Politics, Politics and Art” is a collection of poetry from D. H. Melhem as she presents a unique collection of poetry focusing on this history, presenting many new perspectives and thoughts on these events. “Art and Politics, Politics and Art” is a thoughtful and entertaining read, highly recommended. “Email Surveillance”: hops/on my shoulder/looks over it/swims through my gaze/waves from computer screen/floats/on my surfride/dives/into my hard drive.”

Other comments: 

Confrontation, Spring 2011.  Martin Tucker, “Books Received and Recommended”:  “A collection of poems on the inseparable bonds of politics and art.  Melhem, a dedicated activist, looks back at her roots and celebrates the rewarding sacrifices of commitment.” 

Al Jadid, Vol. 16, No. 62 (2010).  Lynne Rogers, “Chariots and Street Corners”:  “In the post 9/11 climate, Melhem’s poetry lends an emotional and intellectual depth to the concerns of Arab Americans, as they witness their own country wage war on other Arabs in distant lands.  Her poems would appeal to any humanistic sensibility.” 

Late-breaking news:  And Then, No. 16, 2011, Robert Roth’s avant-garde annual, is just out!  My new poem, “Iguazú: A Christmas Story,” appears in the issue.  You can order a copy of the magazine by sending a check for $9.00 (includes postage) made out to Robert Roth, 210 West 10th St. Apt. 3D, NYC 10014.

Also, In addition to, poet Roberta Gould has a lively, brand-new “blog/poetry website” that’s well worth checking out: . 

Have a restful and creative summer!