Summer, 2012

Hello, Friends–

This is Greg Vogel, D.H.’s son and Webmaster.  If you’ve been wondering what D.H. is up to, here’s the news.  She suffered a mild stroke in late March, was hospitalized, and underwent a lengthy rehab.  Meanwhile, my sister Dana and I spent a great deal of time in NYC, visiting D.H. and managing her household and medical matters.  On August 1, we all flew to Los Angeles, and D.H. took up residence in a nice skilled nursing facility near where I live in Long Beach, CA. 

D.H. is no longer on computer, and Dana and I are trying to respond to emails, etc. as time permits.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to send D.H. a note, you can use the contact form on this site, and I will get it and deliver it.  You can also use the form to request her mailing address if you’d like to send a card or have other matters such as publishing or permissions. 

I see D.H. pretty much every day.  She’s adjusting to her new life out West, and enjoying time with family.  Thanks to all for your kind words and well wishes.  We will pass them on!

Best regards,

Greg Vogel

p.s. D.H. has recorded much more of her poetry on audio, and I will be posting those files as well on this site periodically.